Baby born at Sheffield bus stop

Sarah Marsh and baby Lucy, born in a car at a bus stop..wth dad Will and brother Jacob 2
Sarah Marsh and baby Lucy, born in a car at a bus stop..wth dad Will and brother Jacob 2
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SHOCKED Sarah Marsh couldn’t hang on to give birth to baby Lucy so did it at a bus stop while startled passengers waiting in the queue looked the other way to give her privacy.

Sarah and her husband Will got the surprise of their lives when little Lucy arrived as they drove to hospital in Sheffield.

“I felt this huge urge to push, I was shouting at Will, and he had to pull over, in front of three guys at the bus stop,” Sarah told The Star.

“I was there screaming in our little Rover, and these men were at the bus stop looking in the other direction to try to preserve my modesty!”

Only the day before, pregnant Sarah had joked about naming her baby girl ‘Patience’ after going five days over her due date - but her newborn proved she was anything but.

Sarah, aged 28, had just returned from a day’s shopping when she began to feel small pains.

But, convinced she was not going into labour, she reassured Will - and ran herself a bath.

It was then her contractions started coming thick and fast - and the couple dashed to drop off two-year-old son Jacob at his grandma’s before rushing to Sheffield’s Jessop Wing.

But, as they made their way to the hospital, Sarah screamed for Will to stop the car as she knew the baby was coming.

He screeched to a halt in the bus stop outside Hillsborough Leisure Centre just as baby Lucy came into the world in the passenger seat - in front of the startled bus queue.

Sarah, from Deepcar, said: “I had been telling my husband earlier that I was not going into labour. I’ve got a son and I thought I knew what labour felt like! I said I was fine. Then the contractions hit me like a ton of bricks. The first time I gave birth they increased gradually, but with these I couldn’t breathe and they were coming one after another.”

As an ambulance raced to the scene, Stocksbridge steelworker Will, 23, turned midwife just in time to gather baby Lucy in his arms, and place the tiny newborn on her mum’s tummy.

Sarah said: “I looked and saw I’d given birth. Will came round to my side of the car and I shouted to him to pick her up. I was so worried, but when I heard her scream I knew she’d be okay.”

A first responder arrived minutes later, followed by paramedics, and Sarah said: “Will and the first responder wrapped her up and kept her warm until the ambulance came.”

Sarah was taken to hospital for she and Lucy to be checked, but was allowed to leave with her healthy new baby just six hours later.

Will said: “I think I kept quite calm. I thought it was going to be a classic case of driving to hospital but it was frightening when I saw she was coming out!

“It’s just nice that she’s happy and healthy.”

The couple are now enjoying introducing Lucy to family life, and to her proud big brother Jacob.

As for Sarah, the ordeal has taught her a lesson in tempting fate.

“My sisters had quick labours with their children, so when I got pregnant the second time I was hoping for the same - just not that quick!

“Everyone has said to me, ‘Only you could give birth at a bus stop’.”

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