Baby blog: Life is on hold - but that’s kind of alright

Baby Blog'Francesca Naylor
Baby Blog'Francesca Naylor
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I’m sat writing this week’s blog with hair still wet from baby swimming at 2pm in the afternoon, having eaten a bowl of cereal and an ice lolly for tea, looking round my lounge which is currently strewn with bibs, tiny shoes, a baby gym, a bouncy chair and parrot with a squeaky beak while I struggle to get the Jumperoo’s incessant theme tune out of my head.

I couldn’t tell you what is number one in the charts and I have no idea the last time I watched TV.

My mum text last night and said “put BBC 1 on”, I think by the time I looked at my phone 4 and a half hours later I’d missed the programme.

How times have changed...

It’s probably the most obvious thing I’ll ever say but having a baby is the time of greatest change I’ve ever experienced.

Physically my body has changed (and no matter how many tummy crunches or planks I attempt, it’s not going back, although I do now have super-toned arms) but it is the emotional and psychological change that is more acute and more unexpected.

I know I’ve changed, a lot.

My outlook and perspective on life has changed since having a baby, I care less about a lot of things like the pile of ironing that is now taller than my kitchen worktop or the fact I went swimming today without shaving my legs, but I worry a lot more about a whole load of things too.

What strikes me most is that despite the tremendous amount of change in such a short amount of time it feels like it has been a gradual evolution, I can’t actually remember what life “used to be like” even though it was only 20 weeks ago.

And to be honest, I don’t miss it, I’m happy to not clean my teeth until midday because that’s the first chance I get after Poppy has been fed, changed, dressed, changed again because there has been some sort of nappy-disaster, fed again because its taken that long.

I like the new me, even the new wobbly belly bit...kind of.

I’d love to hear about how you mummies/daddies feel you’ve changed since having children.

Let me know via my email address: or my Twitter account @CescaNaylor.

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