Axe the housing act

Some council tenants have been sent an email asking them for information about their taxable income in relation to the Pay to Stay/Means-tested rents proposed in the Housing and Planning Act 2016 Act passed in May although it doesn't say that.

We are extremely shocked about this premature action because the regulations have not yet been released and the Act will not be implemented until April 2017 at least.

It seems the council’s housing service has completely jumped the gun in a fishing exercise for what purpose we don’t know. This is already making some tenants feel intimidated and insecure, which is what we predicted.

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Tenants need to know that there is nothing in the tenancy agreement or in law which requires them to do so at this stage.

We have lodged a complaint with the cabinet member for housing and asked that there will be no further such inquiries for the foreseeable future. The council has stated publicly verbally and in writing that they are opposed to the Housing Act and we now want to see deeds to match the words.

We also want to know who authorised this and who is actually making policy decisions in relation to this and the other matters such as short-term tenancies and forced sales of council homes to the highest bidder. We are committed to fighting this Act all the way because its ultimate aim is destroy council housing.

We expect councillors as our elected representatives to support our campaign.

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Anyone who requires more information or to join the campaign please email [email protected] or telephone 2483937.

Shirley Frost

Sheffield Defend Council Housing & Axe the Housing Act