Award well deserved

Kenny Dalglish
Kenny Dalglish
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King Kenny now becomes Sir Kenny, about time.

If an award was ever deserved this man certainly has earned it.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

Non-smoking ruling

The mind boggles – what sort of people do we vote on to district councils?

Already there is a non-smoking ruling on school ground, now Hull council are asking parents not to smoke outside school gates so as not to affect the children. Come on, let’s have a bit of common sense from these people.

Wide open spaces, a few parents lighting up outside school gates, the bit of breeze gently wafting the smoke all about and kids coughing and spluttering as they make their way through smog-like conditions.

I don’t think so, the problem is when they get in the cars and the parents light up, when they get home in a closed room and the parents light up. Perhaps it’s the only time the parents smoke when they are out in the fresh air.

Believe me, being an ex-smoker I still fancy a smoke now and again but know if I have one this will lead to two then three... and on and on.

Dave Mitchell

Sheffield, S12

Car boot knives

At a car boot sale recently I saw a stall selling vicious looking knives.

I do not suppose the vendor worried too much about who was buying them.

And why on earth are these knives on sale anywhere? Most were obviously not for domestic use.

If hunting-type knives are sold, they should be in a licensed shop, and identities of the purchaser noted, as with guns.

Maureen Keeton

Sheffield, S33

Is cannabis safe or not?

For years I have believed the statements of successive UK governments that cannabis is a dangerous and addictive drug that leads inexorably to the destruction of the health and morals of those using it and of society as we know it.

The recent decision by the Home Secretary to hand it out to children can only allow of two conclusions.

Either the substance is safe and we have been lied to, or it is not.

In which case, even if it has medicinal properties, it should continue to be banned in the wider interests of society, notwithstanding that a few sick and pain-ridden children are collateral damage in the war against drugs.

John Eoin Douglas


Heritage matters

I was grateful for Canon Keith Farrow’s letter regarding my concerns over grave memorials in Central Sheffield and particular those surrounding my most favourite indeed beloved building in the city, our Anglican Cathedral.

The Cathedral is more than a heritage centre or a place for worship or spiritual comfort.

In a society that is coming apart at the seams it provides real help and sustenance and is a core building in Sheffield’s civic life.

It’s probably exemplary as regards the recording of its memorials, but I would point out the case for conservation where possible in regard of the memorial I refer to. A simple and inexpensive engineering solution ie a perspex shield, should be possible.

Without hopefully being accused of getting my name in the paper again or blowing my own trumpet, (couldn’t manage the recorder at school), the example of the memorials from St Phillips Churchyard now in situ in Hillsborough Barracks thanks to a combined operation involving yours truly, Longdens, an interested council officer and the John Brunton Partnership is one to follow where possible.

These would have soon eroded as a walkway into Morrisons but now add a bit of history to a building derided by at least one academic, to my knowledge.

Heritage Matters to many people in this city.

Ron Clayton


Paid for services

Does EB Warris live in the real world?

He waffles on in some of his letters about things that are not important but then says Sheffield City Council should not worry about cutting grass verges, just do it when they have time.

Does he not pay council tax as grass cutting is one of the services expected from that tax?

Interesting too, we came down Derbyshire Lane and Scarsdale Road today, Tuesday, June 19, and the verges were quite short and being cut again, but from the Bowshaw roundabout up to Low Edges grass is about 18 inches high.

Where grass has been cut at Jordanthorpe they’ve only cut the edges and you can hardly see the road signs.

Brenda Titterton