Autumn wrong time for holiday

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WHAT an absurd idea to abolish the May Day Bank Holiday and replace it with Trafalgar Day at the end of October.

This seems to have more to do with right-wing politics than common sense.

Who wants to replace a day off in May, when the weather’s usually reasonably good and there’s plenty of daylight, with one in late autumn, when it’s cold, wet and dark? How can that be good for the leisure industry and tourism?

Secondly, if the country wants to attract more visitors from abroad, is it really very diplomatic to have a holiday celebrating a victory in a naval battle against our closest neighbours, France, over two centuries ago? While some of the xenophobic, Rule Britannia, who-won-the-war-then tabloid press might have a field day sticking two fingers up at continental Europe, it’s hardly going to do much for our international image as a welcoming, tolerant nation.

More sensible would be to have an additional holiday some time in mid-summer, half way between Spring and August bank holidays, when at least there should be the opportunity to take advantage of the extra free time it provides.

NP Johnson, Dronfield