Autistic son knifed his mother to death

Pamela Hardy
Pamela Hardy
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AN AUTISTIC man who calmly rang police to confess stabbing his mother to death after losing his temper has been detained in a mental health hospital indefinitely.

Sebastian Hardy, aged 21, dialled 999 and told the operator matter-of-factly: “I’ve knifed her to death.”

Pamela Hardy, aged 48, was found by police in the living room of the house she shared with her son in Foley Avenue, Wombwell, Barnsley.

She had suffered nine stab wounds and a kitchen knife was buried to the hilt in her chest.

Her son’s chilling 999 call was played to a jury at Sheffield Crown Court after Judge Alan Goldsack QC ruled Hardy was unfit to stand trial for murder on the advice of two psychiatrists.

Hardy, who was diagnosed with severe Asperger Syndrome aged six, and used to attend the Robert Odgen School in Barnsley, was unable to understand the trial or instruct his barristers.

Instead the jury had to decide whether or not he did commit the “act alleged”.

Andrew Hatton, prosecuting, said: ”At about 1am on September 25 last year Mr Hardy made a 999 call indicating he wanted to confess to the murder of his mother. He said he had lost his temper as a result of family problems.”

During the call, described as “cold and emotionless” by Judge Goldsack, Hardy admitted stabbing his mum three to five times.

Hardy told police: “The first knife wound went in through the top of the spine, in case you’re wondering.”

When police arrived Hardy, who was bare-chested and smeared with blood, waved them down and showed them into the house.

Mrs Hardy was taken to Barnsley Hospital and pronounced dead.

Hours beforehand the mum-of-four, who was an alcoholic who started drinking heavily following the breakdown of her marriage, argued with Sebastian’s older sister Caroline after she visited and refused to buy her cigarettes.

Caroline, who cared for Sebastian and her mother, arrived to find Mrs Hardy had been drinking despite completing an alcohol detox programme.

During the argument her mother screamed at Sebastian, causing him to slap himself around the head repeatedly and pace up and down shouting ‘Oh God’.

Sending him to a medium secure hospital, Judge Goldsack said it could have been his illness which had driven his mother to drink.

“It’s a series of personal tragedies,” he told Hardy. “You made the terrible events worse by delivering the final blows.”