Author supports Sheffield school's work to inspire boys to read

Tom Palmer at Wales High SchoolTom Palmer at Wales High School
Tom Palmer at Wales High School
Boys at Wales High school are picking up more books following incentives to encourage them to read and write creatively.

Author Tom Palmer gave an inspiring talk at the school when he called by recently to visit Key Stage 3 students who are on the Rugby Readers programme, that was set up specifically to help enthuse more boys to enjoy reading.

This programme was helped along by Yorkshire Carnegie’s Community scheme. The more they read, the more points students can amass to allow them to go and see Yorkshire Carnegie in action at Headingley stadium.

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As a big Rugby Union and Yorkshire Carnegie supporter, Tom kindly offered his services to the programme. He spent the morning quizzing students and giving them his advice on reading material and the rewards from working hard!

They were interested to hear that the author was not a keen reader when young. It was reading about football that led to a gradual love of books and the written word.

He said: “My main thing is don’t give up ....keep going. I tried for 20 years to get my first book published. Do not give up on your dream, all authors on the shelf have one thing in common, they did not give up and they got their book published. Whatever you want to do or be just keep trying!”

His first published book for children was on a football theme, by Puffin. His Football Academy books take a month to write, said the author. But the Foul Play ones take four or five months.

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Yorkshire Carnegie’s Community Manager Adam Blades said: “The school have put a great programme in place for the boys and we as a club are proud to support that”.

A Wales High spokesman added: “Students have worked hard all year round, with many realising reading can be a great hobby that can help them improve in school. We hope they continue their hard work for the rest of the school year and further.”