Austerity is code for cutting spending on vital services

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Voting for anyone who is going to further implement “cost-saving measures” on Sheffield’s services and infrastructure doesn’t make sense unless it’s taken that those wishing to become councillors or MPs are agents of corporate financiers and their political representatives in the highest seats of power.

The Chancellor, George Osborne’s macho words about a Northern Powerhouse – city sweatshops to serve London and other capitals of the global elite who hold most of the world’s capital wealth – fit with his and his cohorts drive to make the UK a low-wage economy which included the vilification of claimants, driving them off benefits and into poverty .

To see what the living conditions of the people who will fulfil Osborne’s vision of the UK becoming Europe’s strongest economy, go to Spital Hill, Pitsmoor, Burngreave, Fir Vale, Wincobank, with their corresponding areas of Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool.

For that matter you can pick any major city outside the capital.

The council system is as good as bust .

Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs can retain their right to vote in a UK-wide parliament and we want them in, but alongside devolution of powers to the major conurbations.

This would be a step towards sustainable regeneration from the stagnation and deterioration caused by the greed of the financial class and their politicians.

Do not be fooled by Tory rhetoric about deficits and ‘what people want’.

The Tories and their allies are removed from the effects and consequences of their actions on the rest of us.

Philip Hutchinson

Abbey Lane, S8