Aunt of Sheffield murder victim claims city it at '˜crisis point' with knife crime

The aunt of a murder victim from Sheffield claims the city has reached '˜crisis point' with knife crime following another weekend of mayhem.

Monday, 24th September 2018, 7:34 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th September 2018, 1:53 am
Murder victim Kavan Brissett

Libby Hamilton's nephew Kavan Brissett, aged 21, was stabbed to death in an alleyway off Langsett Walk, near Upperthorpe, last month and his killer is still on the run.

CRIME: '˜Three men stabbed in Sheffield suburb' She spoke out following another fatal stabbing in Sheffield on Friday night and a double stabbing in the city in the early hours of Sunday.

Murder victim Kavan Brissett

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Fahim Hersi, 22, from Broomhall, died after a knife attack at the Valley Centertainment complex on Friday night

and two other men '“ aged 29 and 31 '“ were stabbed in Walkley Lane, Hillsborough, shortly after leaving the nearby Rawson Spring pub.

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Police probe into Sheffield Centertainment murder continues
Two men were stabbed in Hillsborough over the weekend

The older man was in a life threatening condition in hospital last night after being stabbed in his stomach.

Daniel Trotter, 24, will appear before Sheffield Magistrates' Court on Tuesday charged with attempted murder, Section 18 wounding, supply of controlled drugs and possession of an offensive weapon, in connection with the Hillsborough attacks.

Posting on Facebook, Ms Hamilton said: 'Is it just me or is Sheffield at crisis point?

'What on earth is going on here, it's unfathomable to me.

'Do these young people not get that there is no coming back from death. How can it ever be worth it?

'Who has instilled in a generation that there's anything more valuable than life.'

She added: 'There are parents who need to accept they are also part of the problem.

'I've seen it with my own eyes. Parents arguing with school for disciplining a child that is 100 per cent in the wrong.

'Years ago, said child would have been disciplined at school and again at home. Now stuck with certain groups of young people who believe themselves to be untouchable.

'But karma takes no prisoners and nobody is safe from a fatal wound - you can't cheat death.'

Ms Hamilton added: 'Then you have the innocent victims, who are in the wrong place at the wrong time and subjected to an assault from a person who places higher value in material items and so called '˜reputation' than Gods gift of life.

'I cannot and will never be able to understand that.

'Who would want the reputation of an evil killer and believe that somehow makes them more likeable?

'I could go on and on. Rest in Peace Kavan and all those who lives are being snatched from them.'

Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.