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Matthew Hobson’s attack on Jeremy Corbyn, (Letters, September 21), was ill-informed and nonsensical.

In what way were any lives worsened by the Labour leader’s ‘mistake’ in not singing the national anthem? Many of those who did sing have done grievous harm to the working class Mr Hobson purports to represent.

He refers to immigrants ‘struggling to conform to our culture’ and ‘creating mini ghettos’. If he were to find a more generous and inclusive phrase than ‘conform to’, he might be better placed to recognise the integration and mutual enrichment that already exists.

His melodramatic conclusion that a few thousand people of other cultures are set to wipe indigenous culture off the map of Sheffield, a city of 500.000 people, is nothing short of preposterous.

The Labour party has been given a chance to redeem itself as an opposition party and to work more effectively for those who are suffering most from the predations of unleashed capital. Instead of fixating on the trivial and picking on immigrants, (cathartic though he may find such things), Matthew Hobson would be better off joining the half a million members of a reinvigorated Labour Party and doing himself and his fellow citizens some practical good.

Kevin Hanson

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