At 11.47pm precisely, there will be murder on the dancefloor...

Killer heels,  �24.95, at
Killer heels, �24.95, at
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Would any girl looking good on that dance floor be deemed Arctic oggle-worthy without her killer heels?

Apt nickname; kill they do. No matter how comfy they feel when you slip into them, it is a law of nature your feet will start to hurt 2 hours and 47 minutes later. Debenhams have pinpointed the exact time the agony starts, after quizzing customers’ partying habits, to 11:47pm. Makes you wonder if Cinders didn’t so much lose her slipper, as kicked it off for bunion relief as the clock struck midnight.

Why do we grimace and bear it? Vanity. And who kick-started the trend? You’ll never guess: MEN. They donned heels in the 1600s. The extra height, and teetering impracticality, denoted status.

Four centuries on, only women are vain enough to toe the line.,