Asylum seeker found dead in South Yorkshire after residency turned down

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A ZIMBABWEAN asylum seeker refused residency sent poignant messages to his partner in the last moments before he was found hanged in a South Yorkshire park.

Factory worker Bee Moyo, aged 45, came to the UK five years ago but was upset after being refused a resident’s permit, a Rotherham inquest heard.

He argued with his partner Sibonakele Moyo and left the house saying he was going to kill himself. She was worried after they exchanged a series of texts and alerted police.

Officers mounted a search in Ferham Park, Masbrough, and found his body.

Rotherham coroner Nicola Mundy said as well as Mr Moyo’s residency application being refused by the Home Office, he was out-of-work which affected his self-esteem and he was unable to provide for his children financially.

“Clearly he was struggling to cope with matters and sending texts to his partner and friends indicating his intention to end his life,” she said.

“Such was his partner’s concern she left work and got back in the early hours and spent time trying to persuade him there was a solution but despite her efforts he wouldn’t be dissuaded.”

Ms Mundy recorded an open verdict saying there was reasonable doubt because Mr Moyo had said more than once said he was going to kill himself in a specified location and she questioned whether or not he intended to be found and resuscitated.