Assisted dying has ‘growing support’ - Sheffield MP

paul blomfield
paul blomfield
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Sheffield MP Paul Blomfield has said there is a ‘growing consensus of support’ to legalise assisted dying as a new law faced its biggest test today.

The Bill is being debated in the House of Lords, with members expected to vote in favour of it having a second reading.

Mr Blomfield has backed the bill as his father Harry, aged 87, took his own life after been diagnosed with inoperable and untreatable lung cancer.

Church figures and the care minister have shown support for the bill, although Prime Minister David Cameron has said he is against it, which could cause difficulties in getting it debated by MPs in the House of Commons.

Sheffield Central MP Mr Blomfield told The Star: ”I think there is a growing consensus in support which is extremely positive.

“After I spoke for the first time in the Commons and to The Star about the subject I got an unbelievable reaction and it was all supportive.

“People just see this as common sense and they relate it to their own experiences of seeing relatives dying without dignity, in pain and distress.

“I am fairly confident that it is going to get a second reading in the House of Lords, the challenge then is to make sure it can progress its course and be debated in the House of Commons.”

The Bill from Lord Falconer seeks to legalise the choice of assisted dying for mentally competent, terminally ill adults and prevent ‘prolonged suffering’.