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how can anyone who has never worked in the NHS even try to make changes, as the Government is doing?

The Lib Dems are nothing more than sleeping partners to a non-elected Prime Minister.

The Tory conference is long forgotten. When in Brighton, the NHS hospital had to make split-second decisions after the explosion to cope with the casualties. This was an unusual situation and only specialist staff could deal with it.

The Lib Dems have forgotten all their pre-election promises, especially regarding the NHS and student fees. Mr Clegg just keeps his name in the limelight with suggestions to increase income tax allowance for low-paid workers, from £7,000 to £10,000.

At the same time the press prints cases of benefit claimants (not all) getting two and three times this amount and some of these people have never worked.

I think the Government should sort out things that need sorting first but, before any changes are made, people with experience in these matters should be consulted.

Of course none of these suggestions will make any money for the merry band of millionaires in power. So they will carry on keeping the haves and have nots in their places. The real people who are being penalised are the emergency services, the forces, police, fire and NHS who work under extreme circumstances who are making the sacrifices and none of us know when we may need them.

More to the point, we have a Government which doesn’t care.

They hit the ones who can’t hit back.

PB, S3