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So Sheffield council have decided to take even more refugees.

So does this mean accommodation has already been sorted for these refugees? If families arrive with children, will they be put in 2-3 bedroom houses that people have had to move out of because of the bedroom tax and while Sheffield families are still finding it hard to get adequate accommadation?

Has this council not learned yet that these people don’t want to integrate, they want to revert to the standards they escaped from.

You have only to take Page Hall and surrounding areas how it has been turned into a tip with rubbish left everywhere and the residents afraid to go out at night because of gangs everywhere.

I think it’s about time the council asked the people of Sheffield if we need any more ghettos created and ask them if we want to be known as the City of Sanctuary?

Like Cameron, no extra money can be found for the needy in Britain but they can find millions for refugees.

Sheffield council is just the same, whichever party at the next election promises to drop City of Sanctuary, they will get my vote.

David Mitchell

by email