Ask the Chairman: Sheffield Wednesday owner has his say on negative social media comments

In the week in which Sheffield Wednesday head coach Carlos Carvalhal commented on criticism of him and the team on social media, owner Dejphon Chansiri has had his say.

Owls owner Dejphon Chansiri
Owls owner Dejphon Chansiri

Chansiri has been answering questions from fans all this week and in the latest in the series, the chairman admitted that he is 'disappointed' by some of the comments he sees with regards to various aspects of the club.

In response to 'Does the club monitor social media for negative comments and if so do they have a negative effect on the personnel at the club?' Chansiri said: "I think it is fair to say that every football club monitors social media in this digital age. This is incorporated into the day to day duties of our media team.

Dejphon Chansiri has been answering fans' questions all this week

"Social media channels are monitored for the right reasons and certainly not for seeking out negative comments. These are part and parcel of social media and completely normal. We accept positive comments so accept negative ones too.

"There are many ways in which social media can be so valuable, which we are proud to embrace at Sheffield Wednesday. On the other hand, social media can be harmful. Telling the same person day in, day out for example that they are not good can only have a negative effect. Maybe that person may start to think he is not so good

"I understand social media but for supporters of any club to say damaging things about their club and the people within it, this is not so good. At the end of the day, whoever receives criticism, they are human beings too. I would not be pleased for anything bad to happen in the future because of something said on social media.

"I find it disappointing that some people post comments that are completely untrue and potentially damaging to the club or individual members of staff. Comments of that nature are unfair as it is difficult to have a response unless we start replying to every such comment, which is not practical nor professional.

Sheffield Wednesday chairman Dejphon Chansiri

"Of course, I understand the thirst for knowledge on our club and everything around it but I believe that everyone who uses social media must be responsible, truthful and not damaging. The same applies for any industry, not just football.

"I do not think that personally disrespectful comments are helpful to anyone. Opinions are absolutely fine, no problem, positive or negative. But when certain comments cross the line and are personal or incorrect, I do not agree and would simply say how would you feel if it was said about you or your family?"

Chansiri also answered a question on why the first team train behind screens at Middlewood.

The Chairman replied said he felt that the playing and coaching staff deserved privacy as they prepared for games.

Dejphon Chansiri has been answering fans' questions all this week

"In an ideal world, our training ground would be open house where supporters can come and go, and watch training at their leisure," he said.

"However, we have to live in the reality. Every preparation for games is made on the training ground and those preparations must remain private between the head coach, his staff and the players.

"When the training ground was more open, a lot of people could see what was happening, they could see the team, for example, lined up for the next game. They could see certain things that should stay on the training ground. This information then found its way to social media and then back to the opposition, for example.

"I completely understand why our fans, our academy players and children and parents at our community camps would like to see the first team train but we have to be sensible and give ourselves the best chance of winning every game we play whilst keeping other things in-house."

Sheffield Wednesday chairman Dejphon Chansiri

Finally in this latest update, Chansiri was asked if it would be a good idea to raffle off some of the more comfortable seats that are not being used beside the directors' box, in a temporary seat swap.

"We like to offer initiatives for everyone to enjoy the matchday experience as much as possible and I think this is a nice idea," added Chansiri. "I will ask one of my management team to put this in place.

"Actually, we already have a similar scheme for the Wise Old Owls but I see no problem in extending this to all fans for games when these seats are not occupied.

"I understand if some supporters would rather stay in their own seats if they have a Season Ticket but it would be nice for anyone who has not enjoyed the premium seats in the South Stand to do so."