Art work says Burngreave is brilliant!

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THE finishing touches have been applied on a unique strip of art on the street which has transformed dull building site hoardings into a colourful taste of Sheffield.

The 115-metre long hoarding on Savile Street in Spital Hill is now on view, brightening up the side of the busy commuter road.

The £5,000 work – called A Common Thread – has been commissioned by Sheffield Council with money from the planning agreement linked to the area’s new Tesco store.

The colourful ensemble of photos and paintings with a patterned background brings together some of local photographer Richard Hanson’s best works – depicting people and businesses in the local area.

Burngreave Coun Jackie Drayton said: “Burngreave is one of the most culturally diverse areas with a wide choice of shops, restaurants and businesses.

“I love living in Burngreave – it’s warm and welcoming which is reflected in the many faces we see on the hoarding – I do hope it encourages new people to come into the area to learn what a great place it is.”

Richard lives in Burngreave and the work, which also features drawings by graphic artist Fabric Lenny, is the result of chatting with and meeting members of the community.

He said: “The idea is that you drive or walk into the city, you’re greeted by a real Sheffield community rather than what will basically be a construction site.

“This is about saying that it is a great place to live and work and be part of, don’t just drive through – stop and visit.”