Armed police mistaken for stripper after hunt for murder suspect crashes party

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A mixup at a birthday party saw armed police on the hunt for a suspected murderer mistaken for a stripper.

Darren Buckley was celebrating his 45th birthday with a party which included a barbecue and a stripper dressed as a policewoman.

But when real police officers hunting for suspected killer John Heald turned up at his home, Darren initially thought the manhunt was in fact another stripper.

One of Heald’s friends had attended the party at Church Road, Denaby, Doncaster and police suspected he may have been hiding in the semi.

He said: “I first thought it was another stripper but when I saw police dogs and the helicopter overhead and they started asking about John Heald I knew it was serious.”

John Heald is still on the run, suspected of murdering Bei Carter, aged 49, at a guest house in Bridlington, and thought to be in South Yorkshire, with Rotherham and Doncaster particularly focused on by police.

Anyone with information is asked to call 101 or those sighting John Heald have been asked to call 999.