Armed officer stops stolen car after police chase in Sheffield

This stolen car was found in Sheffield
This stolen car was found in Sheffield

An armed officer stopped a stolen car spotted in Sheffield after a police chase through the city.

The white stolen Mercedes A-Class had been stolen in Leeds and was spotted being driven around Sheffield using false number plates.

Officers were involved in a police chase around Attercliffe and Darnall until an armed officer used a 'Stop Stick' tyre deflation device to bring the car to a halt on Main Road, Darnall.

The car was spotted in the early hours of this morning and checks revealed that it had been stolen after a house burglary in Leeds, during which the keys to the vehicle were taken.

Officers arrested the 18-year-old driver at the scene but an 18-year-old passenger fled until he was chased by a police dog and detained.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said " A stolen Mercedes A-Class taken from a burglary in Leeds and displaying false number plates was pursued around Attercliffe and Darnall, by roads policing officers in the early hours of this morning.

"The vehicle was successfully stung using 'Stop Stick' by an armed response officer and caused to stop on Main Road, Darnall.

"The driver - an 18-year-old old male - was detained in the vehicle. The passenger - an 18-year-old male - foolishly decided to run before being quickly detained by one of our excellent dog officers and his able assistant, Rocky.

"An excellent display of teamwork from various specialisms in the operational support unit, resulting in the detention of two males and the safe recovery of a stolen vehicle."