Are you tired of being handicapped in snow?

While I can understand the attitudes and the apparent ignorance shown by many motorists concerning winter tyres, (WT's), I was surprised during the snow affecting the Christmas period to hear both the AA and RAC spokesmen on television failing to even mention them.

Monday, 15th January 2018, 5:27 am
Updated Monday, 15th January 2018, 5:35 am
Driving in the snow

The RAC rep mentioned the benefits of deep treaded tyres, but not WTs. Am I missing something?

It is my personal experience that on hard-packed snow, standard, (summer), tyres are almost useless, especially on steepish gradients.

With just WTs on my two front drive wheels, I can safely progress up steep gradients on which only active sledging appears to prevail. Perhaps more satisfying is that I can descend without fear of broadsiding and to be out and about with no fear or apprehension about abandoning the car but always being aware that ice could be my undoing.

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With now an annual mileage of less than 7,000, I leave my WTs on all year round.

I replace them every two years, despite being assured that they would be roadworthy for at least another year; for extra satisfaction, I find that WT’s are also a bonus in heavy rain.

I am struggling to find any significant reasons for not fitting winter tyres.

I can still average well over 50mpg on journeys in hilly Derbyshire and the likely extra tyre wear is apparently minimal.

Barring a winter like 1947 when the snow fell waist high walking to Longley primary school, total ice, other less controllable vehicles and the possible small extra expenditure, winter tyres are the better, safer choice, comparing favourably on the highway with four-wheel-drives.

I strongly believe that winter tyres should be a necessary MOT requirement during December, January, February and March.

If this appears controversial, what am I missing?

With WTs I have much safer control, weather forecasts are less frightening, I am more tolerant of sledging activities and I know ‘first hand’ that disabled passengers benefit also.

I have no regrets having fitted WTs even if it may never snow again.

A safe and happy controllable year to you all.

Mike Dodgson