Are you the star of new city TV show?

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A new BBC series will feature the personal stories of Sheffield residents currently facing financial hardship.

Curve Media has teamed up with not-for-profit service Sheffield Money for the series, which will follow a handful of Sheffield people as they attempt to make life a little better for themselves and their families.

A spokesman for Curve Media said: “Every day, all over Sheffield, thousands of people find themselves in desperate need of just a few hundred pounds to get back on their feet, with 36 per cent of people just one surprise heating bill or washing machine breakdown away from hardship.

“Sheffield Council are trying to combat this with ‘Sheffield Money,’ a not-for-profit loan service that aims to match residents with affordable loan providers. The programme will showcase the good work being done by the service for people who want to buy tools for a new business, pay for surgery to save their dog’s life, or pay for retraining in a new career.”

If you have an interesting and worthy reason for needing a loan of £100 to £1500, email your story to or call 0203 179 0099.