Are you ready for the Christmas Eve shopping shutdown? Morrisons may be on hand to help

Morrisons has a plan to tackle the Christmas Eve shopping shutdown.Morrisons has a plan to tackle the Christmas Eve shopping shutdown.
Morrisons has a plan to tackle the Christmas Eve shopping shutdown.
Morrisons is stepping in to help families who face an early Christmas Eve shopping shutdown because of Sunday trading rules.

Supermarkets will only be allowed to open for six hours on Christmas Eve, the busiest day of the year, which this year falls on a Sunday. Many will close at 4pm leaving customers unable to buy last-minute food items.

As a result, Morrisons is taking steps to ensure customers remember often-forgotten items such as batteries for toys, foil to wrap the turkey and sticky tape.

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Customers’ journeys around the supermarket will be littered with up to 52 reminders including:

· Checkouts being redesigned so that shoppers trail past the ten most forgotten items

· Three in-store radio messages per day will be used to jog customers’ memories

· 491 checkout managers will wear uniforms which list the top ten most forgotten items on their back

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· 491 helpers will also be running the aisles to recover forgotten items for customers in Christmas queues

· More than 17,000 in-store arrow signs will be pointing out most forgotten items

Last year, 320,000 shoppers visited Morrisons after 4pm on 24th December and in most stores they won’t be able to repeat that this year.

Customers have told Morrisons that the ten most forgotten items are:

1. Batteries for toys 29%

2. Tin foil 25%

3. Sticky tape 20%

4. Cranberry sauce 16%

5. Napkins 16%

6. Biscuits for Cheese 16%

7. Pigs in Blankets 15%

8. Brandy butter / sauce 14%

9. Bread sauce 14%

10. Stuffing 13%

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Shaun Schofield, Store Manager at Morrisons, said: “Our aim is to serve customers better this Christmas by making sure they get everything they want in the time that’s available. We’re helping customers because after 4pm on Christmas Eve most supermarkets will be shut to new customers.”

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