Are you eligible for free school meals?

Families in Derbyshire are being reminded to check if they're eligible for free school meals.

Parents could save £400 a year for each child under the scheme - and the school will benefit too, receiving a premium of £1320 a year from the government for each child on free school meals.

Derbyshire County Councillor Caitlin Bisknell, Deputy Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said: “We want to make sure families are getting all the help they’re entitled to. It’s easy to check if you qualify and with family finances constantly being squeezed, it could make a big difference to your household budget.”

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All infant school children continue to benefit from free school meals and, according to Derbyshire County Council, the benefits are not only financial. Research has shown that most packed lunches are not as healthy as hot, nutritious school lunches which have been proven to improve children’s behaviour in the afternoon, their concentration and increases their intake of vegetables.

Visit to see if you qualify to apply for free school meals.