Are weekly collections of food waste a good idea?

Council chiefs have welcomed the idea of weekly collections for food waste in Sheffield.

Thursday, 20th June 2019, 12:43 pm
Are weekly collections of food waste a good idea?

The Government is looking at giving councils funding so all households can have a separate caddy for scraps.

The scheme would reduce greenhouse gases as unwanted food that goes into a general bin rots in landfill and creates methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

When waste food is collected separately, it can be put into a tank where it breaks down into sludge, carbon dioxide and methane, which can be used for generating energy and as a soil fertiliser.

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Councils would be obliged to provide weekly collections of food under the plans but would receive more money from the Government to pay for the service.

Coun Lewis Dagnall, cabinet member for environment at Sheffield Council, said: “With the appropriate funding to set up and operate the service, we would certainly like to introduce domestic food waste collections.

“The Government is currently finalising its new approach to waste management. It had proposed that these changes will include statutory food waste collections from all households and additional funding for this and we look forward to hearing its final position.

“Food in landfill produces methane, a significantly worse greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, but Sheffield does not have this problem as a tiny amount of our overall waste is sent to landfill.”

The Government will consult on the plans before any changes happen.