Are we witnessing the slow demise of Sheffield?

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Is it just me, or are we all hearing about and witnessing the slow but steady demise of the infrastructure of our city?

All the letters page on Monday was filled with adverse comments about something our illustrious labour council members are contemplating destroying for the future in Sheffield.

Top of the list this week must surely be the banning of ice cream vans which are more than five years old.

If this idea is sanctioned then surely this must mean the removal of all council vehicles over five years of age, followed by the buses and coaches and then our own private vehicles.

As night follows day the council then gave Amey the ‘clearance’ to do just that with our much- loved tree-lined streets.

So we have the airport, major retail outlets, sports stadiums, swimming pools, leisure centres, public conveniences, ice cream vans and trees being declined or decimated just so the left can kick a political football towards the government over the ‘cuts’.

I wouldn’t put it past labour to bite and scratch as well.

Is it just me?

Apologies to grammar scholars for omitting the capital letter in the labour party, but if they want to destroy my capital city I can destroy their capital.

Simon Church

Woodseats S8