Are condoms a smoking alternative? Sheffield teenager points out strange Tesco layout

Sign in Tesco - credit @_hystxria
Sign in Tesco - credit @_hystxria
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Tesco have been left stumped after a Sheffield teenager pointed out an unusual placement of condoms across all of their stores.

Beth Cutts , 18, was shopping in the Tesco Superstore on Abbeydale Drive when she noticed an unusual product placed underneath 'Smoking Alternatives'.

A range of Durex condems, on a two for £14 offer, had been oddly placed underneath the sign and above a line of Nicorette packets.

Beth took to Twitter to ask Tesco about the odd layout of the shop, presuming it would have been a mistake on the store's part.

Beth posted on Twitter: "Smoking alternatives: condoms. Well done @Tesco"

However, she was left surprised when she got a reply from the Tesco press team saying that all stores had been laid out in this manner.

Jess from Tesco posted: "@_hystxria Hi there Beth, I'm unsure of why but all stores are layed out as such - very strange I know! Thanks for letting us know :) - Jess."

Tesco have now confirmed that, following the incident, the condoms had been moved away from the 'smoking alternatives' section.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “As soon as this mistake was brought to our attention, we moved the products to the correct part of the store.”