Arctic Monkeys in Sheffield: The items banned from the Fly DSA Arena gig

Arctic Monkeys will be heading to Sheffield on September 18, 19, 21 & 22, performing a range of classics and hits from their new album.

Friday, 7th September 2018, 15:02 pm
Updated Friday, 7th September 2018, 15:06 pm
Arctic Monkeys will be heading to Sheffield on September 18, 19, 21 & 22, performing a range of classics and hits from their new album

However, there will be certain items that fans won’t be able to take into the Fly DSA arena gig.

Here’s everything banned from the Arctic Monkeys concerts in Sheffield.

There will be certain items that fans wont be able to take into the Fly DSA arena gig

Food and Drink

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Only food & drink purchased in the venue can be consumed in the Arena. You are then allowed to take your purchases to your seat, but sometimes there are restrictions in place meaning no bottles or bottles can only be served with the tops removed.

Signs will be around the venue to inform you if such restrictions are in place.

However, cold tap water is available in disposable plastic cups free of charge. The venue advises to ask at the catering stand in regards to this.


No bags larger than an A4 size should be brought to the venue.

The venue also asks that the number of personal belongings you bring with you is kept to an absolute minimum and there will be no cloakroom or locker facilities available.


The unauthorised use of cameras, mobile phones, iPads, video or any other form of recording equipment is prohibited.

As a general rule, the venue will not allow professional type camera's & ones with detachable lenses, with the exception of officially accredited photographers covering the event.

Video cameras and audio recording equipment are very rarely allowed, but often the show promoter will allow in small cameras or phones to be used.

If photography is allowed stewards may still ask you to stop if your actions are disturbing or effecting the view and enjoyment of others.

Signs, banners and selfie sticks

The venue discourages fans from bringing large posters, flags and banners to events as they will restrict the view of people sitting around you.

At the risk of getting your posters confiscated or potentially upsetting other audience members, the venue requests that you don't bring them to the Arena.

Large flags and banners with large poles and selfie sticks are not allowed into the venue.

If used in a responsible manner and if not affecting the view of those around, flags and banners on sticks a maximum length of 30cm are permitted.


Balloons are not permitted into the venue as they may cause issues with lighting and are difficult to remove from the eaves of the building.

Party Poppers

Party Poppers are strictly prohibited from taking into the venue.

Note: In addition to the venue's general security procedures listed above, some extra specific measures may be put in place just before the show. For more information visit: