Is April the one for you?

Gorgeous Japanese Akita April came to RSPCA Sheffield earlier this summer as part of a welfare investigation.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 29th August 2016, 5:00 am
April RSPCA Sheffield
April RSPCA Sheffield

The one-year-old pup has been described by staff at the animal centre as a ‘sublime character with a big heart’ and is looking for a home with owners who ideally have experience with her breed and who will understand her needs and requirements.

RSPCA Sheffield spokesman Adam Spencer said: “This amazing lady is only a youngster and hasn’t had a great start to life. We believe she has spent much of her time outside with minimal socialisation and, due to this, she can find new situations a little overwhelming. Once she has become acquainted with her carers, she forms a really strong bond and is much more confident when out and about with someone she trusts.

“April can be a little shy when initially meeting people so she would enjoy a few meetings to get to know her prospective adopters.

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“April can be choosy with her dog friends here at the centre but, introduced slowly, she does seem to quite like the company of other dogs. She can be a little timid around them, so we will need to do numerous introductions to ensure that all parties are confident and happy before they move in together.”

Call 0114 2898050 if you think you could give this beautiful dog the forever home she deserves.