Appointments missed at GP’s

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Regarding missed appointments at GP surgeries, I wonder how many of those appointments are at GPs with 0844 or 0845 telephone numbers?

If on the day of your appointment you feel you no longer require it, how many of us have rung the surgery only to find you’re 30-odd in the queue. Not only is it costly it is also time-consuming, especially if you are ringing before you start work.

The local phone book lists 92 GP surgeries with these numbers. If most missed appointments are in these surgeries then maybe this might be one reason. As for the ones who ring on the day and still don’t bother to turn up, maybe they should be the ones who are fined.

By the way, hospitals also have to use the same premium rate number to contact GPs so adding to the queue and costing the NHS even more money!

ML, S13