Appeal: who is YOUR community hero?

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There is a moment in most of people’s lives that can be best described as a ‘game changer’; a moment which leaves an indelible mark on a person’s outlook on life that cannot be undone.

For Sophie Mei Lan, that was the moment her three-month-old daughter suddenly stopped breathing on a family day out.

Thankfully, Sophie had been trained in first aid, and was able to keep her daughter alive until paramedics arrived.

Ever since, Sophie has been on a mission to spread the message of the importance of first aid training for everyone – especially parents – across Sheffield and the entire country.

The Pitsmoor-born mum should be commended, and is an example to us all.

Not only was she able to save her little girl through some amazing quick thinking, but the fact that the ordeal has now inspired her to spread a really important message is truly inspiring.

Who knows how many other lives she may go on to save, indirectly, as a result?

She has been chosen to be our Star Community Hero today – read her story here.

And it is heroes like Sophie who truly make a community work.

Without people who are willing to go out there and try to make a difference – whether that is raising awareness, helping others or fundraising for charity – a community is just a collection of separate people.

It is heroes who bring people together and help shape them into a team; a community of people working together.

And we’re sure Sophie isn’t the only one.

In fact, The Star’s pages are every day packed with tales of heroism from people who have worked to make the city a better place to live – think ‘man with the pram’ John Burkhill, or the charity volunteers at South Yorkshire Community Foundation, who this year have been making a difference in neighbourhoods across the area for three decades – you can read up on them on pages 22-23.

But there are surely more heroes, and we want to promote them.

That’s why we’re asking you to nominate YOUR community hero.

Tell us who you think we should feature. We want to shine a light on those deserving of praise for whatever reason.

We want to show off to the world why Sheffield is affectionately known as ‘the world’s biggest village’ – but we need your help.