Appeal to be launched against 'unduly lenient' sentence for dad who tried to kill four children in Barnsley

Owen Scott
Owen Scott

The Solicitor General is to appeal against the 'unduly lenient' prison sentence handed to a man who tried to kill four children in Barnsley.

Robert Buckland QC is due to appeal the sentence of Owen Scott, who was convicted of the attempted murder of his three children and a step child in February.

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Scott, aged 29, was convicted of attempted murder and dangerous driving at Sheffield Crown Court, where he was sentenced to life imprisonment and ordered to serve a minimum term of 13 years and 188 days behind bars before he can be considered for parole.

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But the Solicitor General will personally argue that the minimum term Scott must serve is 'unduly lenient'.

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The case will be head at the Court of Appeal on Wednesday.

Scott attacked the children with a hammer before ploughing into the outside wall of a pub near Penistone, Barnsley, on August 22, last year.

He was driving at over 90 mph when he crashed into the Travellers Inn on Four Lane Ends, Oxspring, Barnsley, without attempting to brake.

The children were aged between nine months old and eight at the time of the collision.

They were all left with either serious or life-threatening injuries and one will be wheelchair dependent for life.

Scott, of Heather Road, Fawley, Hampshire, had taken the youngsters from his former partner's home after he had used coke and cannabis.

While suffering from drug-induced psychosis he then disappeared with the children for two days.

He believed he was fleeing the clutches of an 'evil gang' and 'protecting' his children from harm, Sheffield Crown Court heard.