Appeal case was extremely weak

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I read with incredulity that a gamekeeper convicted of seven offences under the wildlife and animal welfare acts appealed his conviction, claiming he was framed by RSPB investigators.

He was found guilty of using a live pigeon as bait to lure birds of prey into a trap on Howden Moor.

The appeal case was extremely weak and one is tempted to question who paid the court costs: not a word has been said about resignation, dismissal or disciplinary procedure.

Wildlife organisations are campaigning for a law of vicarious liability, as applies in Scotland. This means employers or land managers would be legally responsible for the actions of those who commit wildlife crimes on their behalf.

You can help by writing to your MP and by signing the petition at


Penalise idle

INSTEAD of taking free bus passes from pensioners (Jan 27), most of whom will have worked all their lives and some even fought for their country and never lived on benefits, penalise those who will not work but live on benefits.

Joan Moody

Great sessions

THE Showroom Sunday afternoon jazz sessions continue apace, especially with the appearances by Nicola Farnon, specifically.

Her renditions, via the great American songbook (Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Judy Garland) are amazing and she really puts everything into her playing. Of course being related to such a legendary musician as Robert Farnon (the arranger for Frank Sinatra’s 1960s British concerts) must be of considerable help, but Nicola is a personality in her own right, with true talent.

Her recent appearances include Andy Chollerton, and Piero Tucci on keyboards, and a certain Myrtle George (a neighbour of Nicola’s) on supporting vocals, her almost Cleo Laine-style voice adding to sessions immensely. Lets hope that Nicola with her full band is included in the forthcoming Tramlines jazz and blues events, scheduled for Endcliffe Park this summer!

Steve Davis, S17