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I saw in the Star (April 7, 2015 p11) that “ambulances are still not reaching enough critically-ill patients in time in Sheffield”; thus leading one to wonder how good such performance was prior to the Yorkshire Ambulance Service being formed and becoming an Aspiring NHS Trust.

This seems to be an organisation halfway between private and public ownership, managed by a Board, the appointment of which is done out of the public gaze and is accountable to no one other than the Secretary of State?

Emergency calls to the Yorkshire Ambulance Service are now dealt with by a central call centre based in Wakefield, staffed by medically unqualified call handlers with no local knowledge of the areas they are dealing with, working through a checklist presumably in order to prioritise calls so they can attempt to do more with less; before despatching ambulance crews who also may have no local knowledge of the area from which the call derives and hence get lost.

It seems there is too much reliance on sat navs and computer maps with cost-cutting foremost in mind to the detriment of patients.

So how is fining the YAS in light of poor performance going to lead to improvement. Any answers please?

Michael Parker

Robertshaw Crescent, Deepcar, Sheffield S36