Anti-social Sheffield pensioner is threatened with eviction

Ken Gledhill
Ken Gledhill
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AN 82-year-old man with angina and a pacemaker has been threatened with eviction over allegations of anti-social behaviour against his neighbours.

Sheffield Homes has served a Notice of Seeking Possession Order against Ken Gledhill, of St Philip’s Road, Netherthorpe, after incidents reported by residents from his block.

They include Mr Gledhill receiving a caution from police after neighbours claimed he threatened them with an iron bar and used homophobic language.

The notice given to Mr Gledhill is a final warning before county court proceedings - which could lead to his eviction.

Mr Gledhill, a resident at the flats for 16 years, denies using an iron bar but admits verbally abusing one of his neighbours, claiming it was in retaliation after being harrased himself.

The retired brewery worker who lives alone and has no children or grandchildren, said: “I lost my temper after being harrased myself.”

He admitted calling one of the residents a name.

Adding: “They say I’ve been committing anti-social behaviour but I’m the victim. I have two witnesses to prove it.”

Mr Gledhill’s notice states it has been issued because of he allegedly breached his tenancy conditions by ‘harasment’ and ‘committing an arrestable offence’.

Tyronne Fieldhouse, assistant area manager for Sheffield Homes, said: “Mr Gledhill has been served with a Notice of Seeking Possession Order following an incident on 27 April.

“Unfortunately this is not the first incident involving Mr Gledhill and we have had no other option but to serve this notice.

“I must stress that if he abides by his conditions of tenancy then no further action will be taken.

“As responsible landlords we expect our tenants to act in an appropriate manner.”