Anti-mayor views

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So, Kevin Meagher wants an elected mayor.

What’s in it for him? Already ‘business leaders’ and ‘heavyweight national politicians’ have been gathering in Sheffield in private to discuss elected mayors, a foretaste of things to come perhaps when the future of the city will be discussed in private.

The kind of mayor he envisages for Sheffield doesn’t exist.

Any mayor will need to be affiliated to a political party or the local business sector to be able to afford the campaign.

Once elected does he really think this mayor will be able to ‘bang on minister’s doors’ and bully the Government into reversing a decision (Forgemasters, for instance) especially if that Government is not his/her own party?

Meanwhile, has anyone had any canvasser call to test feelings of the electorate on this? I know I haven’t.

There has been precious little information around and not nearly enough time to discus it.

Is the referendum to test public opinion or are we voting for the creation of a new post of mayor?

How much will it cost, compared to the present system.

What will the salary and pension arrangements be?

Will the post holder be responsible for making senior appointments?

The democracy we have is the envy of the world, paid for in the blood of our ancestors.

It is not perfect but it is the best we have and it works. What is proposed is not democracy.

If this mayor fouls up, he/she can’t be sacked, they will be in office for five years and can overrule a democratic majority decision of councillors.

There will be too much power bestowed on one individual.

Remember: power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I would like to see less, of the politicking and juvenile point scoring between the parties.

These people should know better and get on with the job entrusted to them.

John Griffin, S2