Answers required on state of city's roads

As I drive around Sheffield roads I, and other drivers, realise that they are not fit for purpose.

Tuesday, 20th February 2018, 6:37 am
Updated Tuesday, 20th February 2018, 6:40 am
Pot holes

Even though we don’t have sub-zero temperatures the roads are falling apart. Even recently resurfaced roads have potholes again.

Derek Dooley Way, around Crystal Peaks, Deerlands Avenue are all roads resurfaced in the last couple of years but now have potholes and many more too.

Do the contractors who do the job give a time guarantee for the roads and repair them at their cost if they break apart?

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I live on Parson Cross and some of the roads are concrete, laid by, I’m told, ex prisoners of war. This was in 1946 and 72 years later better than the new roads.

Some of the roads replacing the old concrete ones have been resurfaced half a dozen times so how are they better?

Even when there is a frost the road outside my home is not too slippy, where the asphalt roads and paths nearby leave us all doing Robin Cousins impressions.

I remember when the roads were finished with a coat of heavy grit, which doesn’t happen now. Why not?

The only areas the old concrete roads fail are where the utility companies have chopped areas and crossovers and back-filled, badly in most occasions, with asphalt which doesn’t bond to concrete.

If it is the cold weather that is the problem then how do Russia or Sweden’s roads stand up to 30 degrees?

As drivers we pay a fortune for the joy of bouncing round our roads and I for one want my contributions better spent.

An answer from the highways department would be appreciated.

Steve Roberts

Parson Cross, Sheffield