Another year and we’ll see another farce

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Once again I have to apologise for my writing only that I am a poor old citizen with no email or Facebook or Twitter.

Molly Lynch’s article in The Star on March 6 made me realise that the people she was describing are the people who are making myself and many people like me increasingly poorer.

I remember recently as I was starting a scroll on my telly, by accident I caught sight of posh Dave and his cronies on the front bench of the House of Commons.

I have never seen as many millionaires in one place, it even beat the Dragons’ Den.

I shall never understand how that lot ‘got in’ int he first place, when even the Tory faithful deserted them.

Fancy having to fall back on a third-rate party led by a … oh well never mind, another year or so will see another farce.


High Green