Another school backs fair funding campaign as headteacher warns cuts to front line staff could be next

A headteacher has warned that attainment and progress will be affected if changes are not made to school funding in Sheffield.

Tuesday, 24th July 2018, 8:43 am
Updated Tuesday, 24th July 2018, 8:47 am
Royd Nursery Infant School, in Stocksbridge back the petition

Louise Jones, headteacher at Royd Nursery Infant School, in Stocksbridge, said has reduced costs as much as it can in recent years and she now nowhere else to cut back apart from frontline staff.

Along with her staff, she has backed The Star and Sheffield Telegraph's campaign calling on the Government to fairer fund city schools.

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Primary school governor backs fairer funding for schools campaign

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The Star and Sheffield Telegraph launched the #FairFundSheffieldSchools campaign last month after figures revealed schools in city will receive £743 per pupil less than Manchester in 2018/19, and although the Government’s new nation funding formula - aimed at redistributing funding to historically underfunded areas - helps the situation, Sheffield does not get a fair deal quickly enough.

Ms Jones said her school would receive an additional £160,143 per pupil if it was funded the same as one in Nottingham.

She said: "Sheffield, as a local authority, is significantly underfunded compared to our neighbouring authorities and major cities through the UK.

"If your child was educated in Nottingham each pupil will be receiving, on average, an additional £589 or in Birmingham £552. Do Sheffield children not deserve the same quality of education and opportunities as other children across the country?

"If I moved my school to Nottingham we would receive an additional £160,143 per year into the school budget for the same number of pupils. Where is the equality?

"The Government has asked schools to make cuts and to work together to find a way of reducing costs.

"Schools have already had additional costs applied over the past few years. I have nowhere else to cut back apart from front line staff which has the potential to impact on the quality of education we provide.

"We are currently a high achieving school with excellent outcomes.

"If this formula is agreed by Government I have no doubt that attainment and progress will be affected as well as the availability of staff to support the emotional and well being needs of pupils.

"We will have to do even more with even less."

More than 7,000 people have signed the petition so far. To add your signature click here.

Remember to tweet a picture of yourself holding a poster with the hashtag #FairFundSheffieldSchools.

Alternatively email [email protected] or write Sam Jackson, The Star, The Balance, Pinfold Street, S1 2GU.