Another 20 pictures of 90s Sheffield that will take you right back

You loved our look back at 90s Sheffield – so we’ve dipped into our archives once more to bring you some more memories of the era.

Friday, 12th July 2019, 8:47 pm
Updated Friday, 12th July 2019, 8:48 pm
Up there with Eager Beavers, Little Nippers were the transport of choice in Sheffield in the 90s.

People, places and things – they’re all here as we take another trip down memory lane to Sheffield in the 1990s! 

Can you remember when the Rolling Stones came to Don Valley Stadium in July 1995?
This was the best day out ever in the 90s - a trip to the American Adventure.
This legendary Sheffield sports shop was a mainstay of the 90s - and where you went to eye up trainers.

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None of your snazzy Supertram colours back in the 90s - the newly launched vehicles were a lovely shade of grey.
How long did you spent staring at the clock tower in Orchard Square? Ages we bet.
Little Nippers (and Eager Beavers) were the transport of choice in Sheffield in the 90s.
The World Student Games were all anyone talking about in 1991. Then everyone spent years after reminding everyone how we were still paying for them.
It was a rite of passage to take part in a Star Walk. Did you pull on your trainers for one?
It held exotic charm and mystique - like something out of a James Bond film. You'd always be left wondering what the inside of Napoleon's looked like as you went past on the bus.
The Aussie soap star Jason Donovan was one of pop's hottest properties in the 1990s - where you at his 1990 show at Sheffield City Hall?
Sheffield Ski Village in its glory days - and not when it kept getting set on fire every five minutes.
He came, he saw....and promptly went again. Can you recall French football legend Eric Cantona's all too brief stay at Hillsborough in 1992?
Everyone loved the Poll Tax didn't they? Erm, OK, no perhaps they didn't - and Sheffield was no different.
The 1990s saw the return of Sheffield's much loved Lyceum Theatre after a massive refurbishment - here's the opening night in 1990.
They even featured in the 1990s movie The Full Monty - and everyone still misses the Tinsley Towers.
OK, Sheffield always gets heavy snow, but in 1990 there was a heck of a lot of it.
The nineties saw the opening of Meadowhall - Saturdays in Sheffield would never be the same ever again.
No, not the southern coastal resort, the indie/mod club nights at Sheffield City Hall where you could pretend to be Jarvis Cocker on the light up dancefloor.
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - on telly, in the charts, in comic - and at Meadowhall Savacentre in 1990.
Forget trekking to the Moor, in the 1990s all the fun was to be had at the other end of town at the Castle Market.