Animal lovers must use vote at the General Election

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For many years the United Kingdom has been regarded as a nation of animal lovers by the rest of the world and it’s something which we should feel good about.

I have never understood why some people consider ‘animal lovers’ to be less caring about their fellow humans. It is not a choice of one or the other. Indeed I think that the vast majority of people who have empathy for animals have the capacity for kindness to all manner of people and creatures.

When it comes to being against activities such as fox hunting, this isn’t about kindness, it is about being a civilised society.

Killing for pleasure, for sport, is wrong and that is why I am proud that the last Labour Government banned fox hunting.

This year celebrates the 10th anniversary of the hunting ban and we must not allow this barbaric sport to be made legal ever again.

Sadly there will be many people who are not planning to vote in the general election believing politicians are “all the same” or that their vote “doesn’t count.”

To those people I ask you to consider this: those who voted for Labour previously, in order to ban fox hunting, fur farming, animal testing for cosmetics and to introduce an Animal Welfare Act, they made their vote count and positive changes to animal welfare became law.

At this month’s Sheffield full council meeting I will be moving a notice of motion asking that all Sheffield MPs commit to voting against any vote to repeal the 2004 hunting ban.

I welcome the Labour Party’s manifesto pledge to ban wild animals in circuses, reduce animal cruelty on shooting estates, review rules on breeding and selling of dogs and cats, end the badger cull and defend the hunting act and to lead the fight against global animal cruelty.

Animal lovers, use your vote.

Helen Mirfin