Angry to see the Bradway Hotel go

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They finally gave the Bradway Hotel the boot. I am very angry about this. Who ever gave planning permission for this should be given the boot too.

It was a very nice building with lots of history attached to it.

Originally it was called the Midland Hotel and housed the railway workers who built the tunnel from Totley to Dronfield which passes under the golf course and Bradway.

The air shafts are still in place for the tunnels and are still in use, so is the main line to London. This beautiful building is now no more and our history gone too.

A monster of a supermarket will be built there despite the protest of Bradway residents.

“Is nothing sacred?” I would have rather seen this house made into an old folks home or something. Small shops will suffer and be put out of business.

Lindsay Henley

Lower Bradway