Angry drunk set man’s car on fire

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A DRUNK man who slashed the tyres on his mother’s partner’s car and then set the car on fire is facing a jail sentence.

David Otter, aged 21, started the blaze after hearing Mark Stevenson having ‘a go’ at his mother on the phone, Chesterfield Magistrates Court heard.

He went out for a drink and later woke his mum up, saying: “I’ve set Mark’s car on fire”.

The court heard she looked out of the window and saw a glow inside the Land-Rover Discovery.

She went outside, checked the car and alerted the fire service.

Owner Mark Stevenson was working a night shift at the time.

All four tyres had been slashed.

Sarah Haslam, prosecuting, said: “The defendant said he had heard his mother’s partner having a go at her over the phone earlier and it upset him.

“He thought she was being bullied and he became angry,” she said.

“He took a knife from the kitchen to slash the tyres, put a plastic bag on the seats and set it alight.”

Bob Bashforth, defending Otter, said that Mr Stevenson had phoned home and spoken to Otter’s mother that nigh.

It was “obvious from her reaction that he was having a go at her,” he said.

Mr Bashforth added: “She was clearly upset by this and it got to him.

“He went for a drink with friends and got quite drunk.

“He was angry with her partner when he got home and he stabbed all the tyres.

“The car was unlocked and he started the fire.

“He then realised how foolish and dangerous this was and he ran upstairs and alerted his mum.”

Otter, who lives at Gratton Court, Staveley, admitted arson.

He will be in court to be sentenced later this month but he has already been warned that he could go to jail.