Anger over Sainsbury’s 24-hour bid

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FURIOUS residents have made a flurry of objections to plans for a new supermarket to open 24 hours and serve booze until midnight.

People living around Hunters Bar and Banner Cross are up in arms about the licensing application by Sainsbury’s for its new shop, to be housed in the ground floor of a new development next to the Texaco garage on Ecclesall Road.

Sheffield Council has received 35 letters and emails opposing the application, which will be considered at a meeting of the licensing board on Thursday.

Nicola Gilbert, who lives nearby on Gisborne Road, said: “There is no shortage of alcohol currently available. If you currently walk along in the morning, there is takeaway rubbish and occasionally sick all over the pavement. I don’t think this application will help matters at all.

“Apart from more noise, disturbance, traffic and parked cars, it will undoubtedly contribute to more problems of crime and disorder.”

Mrs Gilbert said she also believed the new store would endanger small local businesses and was totally unnecessary.

Dennis Hooley and Fenella Tratt, of Ecclesall Road, said: “Sale of alcohol and 24 hour trading will cause similar issues to restaurants and drinking establishments, in that cars and taxis will be constantly pulling up and slamming doors, which is not acceptable late at night immediately opposite housing.

“Other 24-hour shops in Sheffield are located further from housing in mixed-use and retail areas. Sale of alcohol and refreshments is likely to lead to additional rubbish problems.”

Residents are particularly unhappy because, when the development was granted planning permission, a condition was imposed restricting opening hours for any hot food takeaways locating there.

They had to close by 11.30pm Mondays to Saturdays and 11pm on Sundays.

But no condition was imposed for opening hours of other types of shops locating at the site, except for the hours deliveries can be made.

Sainsbury’s is applying for permission to open 24 hours a day, seven days per week, and sell alcohol between 6am and 12 midnight.

The company said CCTV cameras would cover the entrance and alcohol display area. Customers appearing to be under 21 would be asked for proof of age.