Anger as motorists report long delays at Meadowhall M1 junction

Commuters have spoken of their anger after facing lengthy delays near Meadowhall since a crash put traffic lights out of action.

Sunday, 20th January 2019, 12:41 pm
Updated Sunday, 20th January 2019, 1:09 pm
The northbound exit slip road of the M1 at junction 34 for Meadowhall. Picture: Google.

The lights at at junction 34 of the M1 motorway near Meadowhall were damaged in a collision on Saturday, January 5.

They were out of action for nine days before Highways England, who are responsible for the lights, restored power supply to the signal controller on Monday.

The northbound exit slip road of the M1 at junction 34 for Meadowhall. Picture: Google.

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But despite them now being back in use, several motorists have complained that the timing of the lights was still leading to delays.

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Katie Williams said: 'I personally work at Meadowhall and this week has been horrendous for traffic chaos. Every morning, afternoon and evening it's been gridlocked all on the roads around Meadowhall. It's been a nightmare think the traffic lights are timed wrong.'

Adele Barker said: 'I work at Meadowhall too and the traffic lights have been horrendous.'

Chelsea Dunne said: 'Shocking. I too was in this traffic at around 3.15pm and the lights changed at least seven times and I hadn't moved an inch '“  terrible.'

Jo Fearon said: 'Just leaving meadowhall this afternoon to M1 was a joke. The roundabout traffic lights at junction 34 still need sorting out. Regardless of events. This was at 3pm.'

Kat Ellis said: 'It's the traffic lights, they reset them just before Christmasand they're not letting half as much traffic through now '“ that's why it's all backing up everyday.'

Wendy Hunt said: 'It's been like that all week. There were no queues at all when the lights weren't on. Just proves a point.'

Lorraine Jeffries said: 'This is a horrendous situation at the minute because of how the traffic lights are set. Both customers and staff are trying to get home at the same time, something needs to be done ASAP.'

Julie Lamb said: 'I left Meadowhall at 4.30pm and it took 55 minutes to get from Next car park to get on M1 north. Traffic lights near petrol station stayed on green for second seconds each time to let one car through.'

The Star has contacted Highways England for a comment and is awaiting a response.