Anger at Sheffield bus fare rises for children

A Supertram service travels through Sheffield
A Supertram service travels through Sheffield
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Angry readers have hit out at plans to increase child bus and tram fares by 10p per journey just a few weeks into the new school year.

From September 18, single fares for children will go up on all bus services in South Yorkshire, as well as Supertram services in Sheffield, from 70p yo 80p.

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive blamed the increase on an £8.5m cut to South Yorkshire's public transport budget.

Star readers said on Facebook they were unhappy with the move.

Liz Fearn said: "They complain about too many cars around schools then put bus fares up - where's the logic in that?"

Ryan Hudson added: "What a joke taking advantage of children who need to get to school on a bus. Its time a new bus company was introduced to the city."

Lisa Farnell said: "Showing my age now, but I remember when it was 2p kids' fare, adult 10p to town. Disgusting fares now."

Dawn Leader added: "£16 a week for my children to get to school within catchment, never mind if they want to go anywhere else - totally crazy."

Caroline Ailmore said: "For my kids and myself to travel to work and school cost me £38 a week. Think it is time to get a car and take them to school myself."

Fiona Lindenstruth said: "Great money maker for them, upping the price for kids.

"Most secondary aged kids have no choice but to catch two buses five days a week."

But others said prices are still reasonable compared to other areas.

Heather Verity said: "I've got to say I moved from North Yorkshire last year and think the 70p/80p travel is fantastic and reasonable and my kids had to pay a proper half fare.

"I was having to fork out £4.00 a day for a 20 min bus ride to school."

Pamela Nicholls said: "I thought 70p was expensive until I moved - it's now cheap compaired to the £1.15 I have to pay in the West Midlands."

SYPTE Executive Director, Stephen Edwards, said: “Careful policy planning has helped us achieve the majority of savings internally, protecting most of the public services we provide.

“However, we have not been able to avoid the impact of cuts completely, and regretfully this means single child fares will increase by 10p. Whilst this is not a route we want to take, our reduced budget has forced difficult decisions.”