Anger at month-long wait for boiler

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AFTER four weeks without heating or hot water Gillian Rogers had reached boiling point.

Forced to subsist with just a small electric blower heater and a kettle for hot water, she despaired of securing a replacement boiler.

Gillian, of School Road, Chapeltown, said Sheffield Council sent an engineer after she reported the breakdown four weeks ago. He said it was beyond repair and a new one was needed.

But despite several visits to the office in Chapeltown and phone calls, all she was told was that the complaint was in the hands of a supervisor.

Gillian said: “I waited patiently for it to be fixed. An engineer came out quickly but after that things ground to a halt.”

A SPOKESWOMAN for Kier, the firm that does repairs for the Sheffield Council, said a new boiler would be fitted within three days.

She added: “We apologise sincerely to Ms Rogers for the delay she has experienced and the inconvenience this has caused.

“We will be conducting a survey at the property today and will fit a new boiler on Monday.”

Kier maintains 53,000 houses and libraries, schools and social services establishments in Sheffield.