Anger at decline of Sheffield ski village

Fly-tipping at the entrance to Sheffield Ski Village.
Fly-tipping at the entrance to Sheffield Ski Village.
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Residents in Sheffield have hit out at the city’s decline in the wake of fires and fly-tipping at the city’s now-closed ski village.

On Saturday, The Star revealed Sheffield Council has held talks with Kevin Pullan, Sheffield Ski Village owner, urging him to clear the site.

The artificial ski complex in Parkwood Springs – which cost £2.5 million to build – launched in 1988 and attracted 180,000 visitors a year in its heyday.

However, it closed in April 2012 following a huge fire and has lain derelict ever since – suffering arson attacks and repeated fly-tipping.

Posting on, Seenitall said: “Really, it’s a bit like much of Sheffield – abandoned, neglected and now just a dump.”

And S17Owl said: “The decline in the last 10 years of the ski village coincides with the decline of Sheffield.”

Inquisitor said: “This says everything about society today.

“Small-minded people spoil things for everyone and get off very lightly.

“When I was growing up, we appreciated what we had and enjoyed it.

“Most of today’s youth seem to think it acceptable to destroy things and terrorise people just because they feel bored.”

Chris61 posted: “If all parties were prepared to work together to ensure all facilities were run efficiently and effectively, then the battle would be some way to be being won.

“But all the parties are only prepared to blame each other and not prepared to create a game plan for the future which would benefit everybody.”

Coun Jack Scott, council cabinet member for environment said it was ‘sad’ to see the current state of the site.

He said: “We are working to ensure that the site is brought back into a sustainable use that fits in with the masterplan for the area.”