Anger at charges

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I AM disgusted by the council’s lack of insight, again wanting more money and deciding to charge in park car parks.

While 40p is not a lot of money, why is it only Graves Park, which was actually given to the people of Sheffield but always seems to hold the events and people are charged to attend most of them?

Millhouses and Hillsborough parks are also being charged. This will add to parking on the streets, affecting residents, which will then lead to introduction of permits so residents will have to pay to park. I did not see Concord Park or parks on the other side of town having to pay. Is it because people using these deemed unable to afford it?

People all over Sheffield lose their jobs these days. Shame more help for these was given rather than just to those who never worked. When does it end?

To start getting some money back we should target the scroungers who don’t pay their rent and start collecting unpaid council tax, as some claimants get £26,000 per year: why shouldn’t their lifestyle change? I wish I could earn that and not feel at all guilty for not having put anything into the system.

It is about time the council and government got a backbone and did what the majority think and know or let us be ruled by the great British people who worked for this country and paid into to it. What for. For it to be given to anyone but themselves. We need to sort this out – but how when no-one listens and is too PC-afraid.

But then we’re no longer great!

Beverley Rishworth

my son and I went to Hillsborough Park, as we do quite often and parked there. He rides his scooter, feeds the ducks and goes on the playground. Today it was bustling with people, football training, dog walkers, children on scooters and bikes, duck feeders and people just walking through. I wanted to shout to them all: “Do you realise free parking on this lovely area is on its way out?” This is a green space for Sheffield people and should remain well used and loved - and accessible by all!

Yvonne Bedford