Andrew embarks on fiery mission

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An autistic schoolboy has visited South Yorkshire as part of an ambitious 2,500 fire station journey.

Andrew Impey, of Southsea in Hampshire, has always dreamed of being a firefighter and is now on a mission to visit every fire factility in the country, as part of a challenge to raise funds for The Fire Fighters Charity.

Andrew, aged 11, recently ticked off the 999th station, the emergency services number marking a milestone on his 2,500-station journey.

Recently, on his visit to the region, he was able to added Birley Moor, Parkway and Elm Lane fire stations to his list as part of his mission.

The schoolboy had initially been aiming to raise £999 for The Fire Fighters Charity, but recently upped this amount to £1,943 - to mark the year when the National Fire Service was born. He has so far raised more than £1,700.

In addition to stations, he has visited individual departments, specialist units and even fire crews based at airports.

This year he will even be visiting the US with his family to meet firefighters from the Fire Department of the City of New York.

He has also kitted his room out as a fire station with more than 800 bits of equipment and trinkets he has been given by various services and pieces he has picked up at expos and trade shows.

He has 32 helmets, 10 full fire kits and even a mini-set of breathing apparatus as well as a control room-style map and a firefighters’ pole.

Andrew documents his travels on social media, where he uses his middle name and is known as Andrew Dane, on #oneladschallenge.