And we say a nutcase runs North Korea

Bin men in action
Bin men in action
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Starting next week, if your GP thinks you need a scan, an X-ray, some tests, a referral to some specialists or need some operations, then his opinion counts for nothing because he has to seek approval from a panel of other doctors.

That should speed things up then.

So when you’ve a problem and have to suffer pain and worry for longer than necessary, you will have the satisfaction of knowing it’s another money-saving initiative.

Seven million “incidents” were recorded by councils last year of people breaking the rules on what they put in their bins.

The bin men are apparently acting as council spies, reporting such heinous crimes as the bin lid not being shut, or the wrong thing put in a bin.

Some bin lorries have as many as seven cameras mounted on them to spy on the public.

If your area is ruined by fly tipping, you know why now.

John Lewis have joined the band of loonies who don’t believe in boys and girls any more, and are now selling dresses and skirts as “unisex”.

At future weddings both those at the altar will be wearing dresses, and there will be a competition to guess which one’s the bride.

Transgender are a very small portion of our nation, so why inflict this on the vast majority? I suspect even those who are transgender probably thinks its daft too.

Perhaps management at John Lewis should all be dressed in unnisex clothing?

The Hilton hotel in Sheffield say they are “a place of public accommodation, and do not discriminate against any individuals or groups”.

However they axed last weekend’s UKIP event at the hotel on the grounds of safety and heightened security risks. What were these risks?

Apparently a couple of Labour Councillors lobbied the hotel to ban the event because they didn’t like the guest speakers.

So much for free speech.

It would serve the Hilton hotel group right if the millions who voted UKIP a couple of years ago announced they wouldn’t use their hotels.

Jeez, and we say North Korea is run by a nutcases.